Cult Cinema Showdown 97: Captain America (1990) vs The Fantastic Four (1994) (Ep. 224)

Marvel May rolls on with two early 90's attempts at live action films. When Menahem Golan of Cannon FIlms/21st Century Studios attempted his hand at a Marvel film, he produced the 1990 Captain America for $3 million. On the other end, Roger Corman teamed with New Horizon Studios to produce The Fantastic Four. The catch to the latter film is that it was only produced to be able to retain the rights to the property, and was never formally released, despite the cast and crew putting everything they could into the film on a $1 million budget. From truly cringe-worthy script details to rubber ears, seemingly endless rocket fuel, and "WTF" visual effects shots...Who will win this week's Cult Cinema Showdown? Listen and find out!

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