Cult Cinema Showdown 91: Robo Vampire vs Devil Dynamite (Robo Vampire 2) (Ep. 208)

It's a Godfrey Ho double-header on this week's Cult Cinema Showdown as Robo Vampire takes on Devil Dynamite, a movie that came before Robo Vampire, but was rebranded as Robo Vampire 2: Devil's Dynamite, all cashing in on the film RoboCop. We know...we were just as bewildered. Godfrey Ho is infamous for his "recycle old footage, cut, and paste" reputation to get as many movies out as fast as possible. So take a journey with us as we try to make sense of this jumbled mess. "Mom, I want to watch RoboCop!" "We have RoboCop at home." RoboCop at home is Robo Vampire and Devil Dynamite.

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