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Super Cult Cinema Bros!

I love these two, and all the media they cover. But the Cult Movie Classic episodes are my absolute favorite! Excellent podcast, amazing hosts...what are you waiting for? Subscribe!

Nerd Paradiso

I’m a noob to this podcast and I just listened to my first episode. They had me at Star Wars novels - annnnnd now I’m a fangirl. This podcast is basically soul food, for geeks.

Best show ever.

This show is the best on the entire Podcast platform. Cody is bae. Mouth noises are the worst.

The next generation of entertainment podcast

This podcast reminds me of the early days of the Nerdist podcast and I’m glad to be in on the ground floor. #shadeson

Dat Audio Goodness

This podcast is legit good! Interesting topics, great chemistry between the hosts, AND knocking out Mike Tyson? Sign me the hell up!

I want to nut in their insides

These guys are so awesome that I question my sexuality. They're badasses and I listen to every episode. Why? So that I can get spiffy with my stiffy, that's why!

Shades on!

Two dudes bringin the weekly funny along with awesome topics!