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If you have not given them a listen, you're missing out! Perfectly put together and non stop entertainment. xx

Love this podcast! The 'Bros keep you engaged from start to finish with awesome content each show! So many topics, it's always a new trip thru media each time! - #ODPH

The SMBs will get you through all things entertainment. Their cult movie knowledge is especially excellent. Great pod!

I really enjoy how the hosts interact with each other and the banter is effortless. I started off with their 90th ep, Cult Cinema Showdown and love the concept. Do yourself a favour by subscribing and listening now!

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Great time, great podcast

It's always a great time listening to the podcast. They have a great chemistry which makes it fun. The latest episode with the funeral was especially entertaing. Give it a listen!

These guys will go far. A really professional sounding podcast with great content

Liu Kang You Don't Have To Put On The Good Fight

I really enjoy how the hosts interact with each other and the banter is effortless. I started off with their 90th ep, Cult Cinema Showdown and love the concept. Do yourself a favour by subscribing and listening now!

Super Media Podcast!

Great podcast that covers SO many topics! The hosts kee you engaged from start to finish with entertaining commentary and solid content! Check it out & take a listen! - #ODPH

A don’t-miss podcast

These guys are awesome! They run the gamut in terms of topics covering everything from music to movies. They’ve got a unique and fun perspective, and this is def one you won’t want to miss!

Don't miss this podcast

These two are amazing...I just found them through their recent Cool Cat interview and I've been binging their podcast ever since. Great perspectives and incredibly entertaining. Good stuff gents!


They cover so much, from video games to TV shows! You really feel like you know them!

Like pop culture? Boom

These Bros do a far better job entertaining me than most pairs of Bros. Better than Mario’s, Warner’s and even Property. Just not as handsome as the latter. Must listen!

Outstanding Show

Highly recommend this podcast for various takes on all things pop culture! These guys are very entertaining and well worth the listen!

A Little Salt Makes Media Delicious!

If there's one thing I like in a podcast (there isn't one this; this is just a hypothetical as an arbitrary introduction to a review for a podcast of a particular style), it's curmudgeonly rants among friends about occasionally absurd (and sometimes delightful) things in pop culture. Super Media Bros has a lot of that to offer, and it makes for an entertaining and weirdly informative show about the wild world of contemporary media. I have had a blast listening to these guys babble about everything from obscure children's movie producers to more popular media products you've probably heard of. Keep up the good work, gents!

Great Show!

Just listened to their Stan Lee episode and loved the hosts’ personal connection to Marvel and Stan Lee. Looking forward to listening to more episodes.

Lots of laugh

If you’ve had a hard day and your looking for some hilarious content. I would highly recommend the media bros! I

Cultural hit

If you want a funny, informative, and entertaining look at the media world of the 21st century, look no further than this podcast!


Between movies that ive never heard of in my life, music that needs to be fist pumped to, and topics that are way too good to leave unspoken SUPER MEDIA BROS has it all! they're also great guys and we love them.


The Media Bros are indeed Super. Cult cinema, deep cuts and pop culture discussion! Hilarious hosts with great chemistry!

Love Movies, Will Listen!

This podcast breaks down a movie or two in each episode. The two hosts know their stuff and make this show a wonderful listen. Love movies? I’ll certainly listen!! Check it out.

Super fun

Just a really fun look at pop culture with interesting hosts. I absolutely loved the most recent Cult Cinema Showdown with the guys really drunk. A lot of fun!

So funny!

Give the show a listen you won’t be sorry. Makes my week every single episode!

Great pop culture show

This show is an awesome listen. Funny and unique views on everything pop culture. When I’m just looking for a nice easy podcast this is one of my go to ones


This is not your average pop culture podcast. Covering everything from films to TV to music to video games, it's comprehensive and entertaining. And the Cult Cinema Showdowns are some of the funniest things you'll hear in podcasting right now.

Hilarious & fun

No matter if they’re talking about movies, video games, TV or something else these two are hilarious and so much fun. Highly recommend.

So much fun!

These two are so much fun to listen to. The energy that they bring to every episode is contagious. This podcast is a mix of information and fun. Take my advice and subscribe now.


I don’t know, I’m not cool. But these guys are! If you want to physically hurt yourself from laughing listen to this podcast. If you don’t, then don’t eat food when you’re listening to this podcast. What is your problem? Why would you eat when you know you’re gonna be laughing?

Trust me, I’m a doctor!

And my advice is don’t miss this podcast! You’re welcome. :-)


Great time with these two!! Great energy between the two! Always a good time!! GO LOOK AT THEIR STUPID PICTURES