Aug. 7, 2021

Cult Cinema Showdown 79: Space Jam vs Kazaam (Ep. 184)

It's a 90's NBA clash on this week's Cult Cinema Showdown with Space Jam vs Kazaam! Will Michael Jordan have enough of his produc…

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July 31, 2021

Greg Hatanaka & Geno McGahee of Cinema Epoch (Ep. 183)

This week we sit down with Greg Hatanaka (CEO) and Geno McGahee (Acquisitions Manager) of Cinema Epoch. We talk about two of thei…

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July 24, 2021

Cult Cinema Showdown 78: Robowar vs Shocking Dark (Ep. 182)

It's a Bruno Mattei double-header this week with Robowar vs Shocking Dark! If you have ever wanted Dollar Store versions of Rambo…

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July 16, 2021

Flop Ten: Worst Cover Songs Ever (Ep. 181)

The Flop Ten list returns! On this one, we pair off several of the worst cover songs imaginable in an elimination tournament to d…

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July 11, 2021

Cult Cinema Showdown 77: Terminator 2 vs Aliens (Ep. 180)

Two of the most iconic films in cinematic history go one-on-one in this week's Cult Cinema Showdown as Terminator 2 takes on Alie…

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July 2, 2021

E3, Shang-Chi, And Jamie Lee (Ep. 179)

This week, we discuss what we are excited about from the Nintendo Direct at E3 along with the trailers for Halloween Kills and Sh…

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June 26, 2021

Cult Cinema Showdown 76: Alien Private Eye vs Robo-C.H.I.C. (Ep. 178)

This week, returning special guest Special Delivery Dev (FKA Dollar Store Dev) helps to try to make sense of this week's Cult Cin…

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June 18, 2021

PYLOT: The Interview (Ep. 177)

This week, we sit down with one of our favorite musicians, PYLOT! Join us as we talk with him about his career from his time in T…

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June 12, 2021

Cult Cinema Showdown 75: The Eternal Evil of Asia vs Encounters of th…

This week, we encounter zombie vampires, sorcerers, and "corageous" kung-fu masters as The Eternal Evil of Asia goes one-on-one w…

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June 4, 2021

Shrooms & Roses on a Tokyo Beach (Ep. 175)

This week we talk about music releases from Infected Mushroom, Tokyo Rose, As the City Sleeps, Ghost Beach, Notaker, and KennyHoo…

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May 29, 2021

Cult Cinema Showdown 74: Ichi the Killer vs Gozu (Ep. 174)

On this week's Cult Cinema Showdown, it's a Takashi Miike double feature with Ichi the Killer vs Gozu! Two stories of crime syndi…

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May 22, 2021

Derek Savage & The 3rd Annual 420 Awards (Ep. 173)

This week, we return to the world of Derek Savage with his 3rd Annual 420 Awards event. Yes, his awards show that was FILMED on 4…

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May 15, 2021

Cult Cinema Showdown 73: Akira vs Ghost in the Shell (Ep. 172)

Two of the most iconic films in the world of Anime go head to head on this week's Cult Cinema Showdown with Akira vs Ghost in the…

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May 7, 2021

Mortal Kombat (2021) (Ep. 171)

GET OVER HERE and join us as we discuss Mortal Kombat (2021) and its 1995/1997 counterparts, along with what we liked/disliked, a…

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May 1, 2021

Cult Cinema Showdown 72: Tetsuo II: Body Hammer vs Tetsuo: The Bullet…

We return to the world of Shinya Tsukamoto on this week's Cult Cinema Showdown as we pit the two sequels to his cyberpunk cult cl…

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April 23, 2021

Cool Cat Fights Coronavirus (Ep. 169)

This week, we return to the weird world of Derek Savage and the Cool Cat Universe as we discuss Cool Cat Fights Coronavirus. Yes,…

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April 16, 2021

Cult Cinema Showdown 71: Iced vs Shredder (Ep. 168)

It may be spring, but summer is fast approaching, so we are heading for snowy mountains in this week's Cult Cinema Showdown! This…

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April 9, 2021

Music Makers and the Reapers of Dreams (Ep. 167)

This week we discuss music releases from Notaker, DreamReaper, HEALTH, Haywyre, Young Medicine, and the Monstercat Silk label! …

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April 3, 2021

Cult Cinema Showdown 70: Eight Legged Freaks vs Big Ass Spider! (Ep. …

Spiders, David Arquette, and even more spiders. It's Eight Legged Freaks vs Big Ass Spider on this week's Cult Cinema Showdown! H…

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March 26, 2021

Pop Culture Crossovers (Ep. 165)

This week, we give our ultimate fantasy crossovers in the world of pop culture! What if Paul Kersey teamed with John McClane? Daf…

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March 20, 2021

Cult Cinema Showdown 69 (Nice): Gymkata vs American Rickshaw (Ep. 164)

This week, it's an Olympic-sized Cult Cinema Showdown as we pit Gymkata against American Rickshaw! Each film stars an Olympic gol…

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March 12, 2021

Daft Punk: 1993-2021 (Ep. 163)

On this episode, we take a look at the career of Daft Punk, their studio albums, and their influence on the music industry. Da…

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March 5, 2021

Cult Cinema Showdown 68: No Holds Barred vs Suburban Commando (Ep. 16…

It's a Hulk Hogan 2 for 1 special on this week's Cult Cinema Showdown as No Holds Barred faces off against Suburban Commando! Whi…

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Feb. 26, 2021

Music Covers for Music Lovers w/ PodAskew (Ep. 161)

This week, we are joined by our OddPods Media Network brethren, PodAskew, to talk about covers of songs we like along with TONS o…

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