About Super Media Bros

Formed in 2016, the Super Media Bros initially began as a traditional Pop-Culture catch-all formatted podcast. Since then, it has expanded; launching multiple "in-show" series such as their popluar Cult Cinema Showdown (two cult films go head-to-head with one winner emerging), the music-exclusive For Your Reviewing Pleasure (track-by-track album reviews), and Flop Ten (ranking the worst of the worst in specific entertainment categories). The show also features interviews with musicians and film-makers in the entertainment industry. 

In late 2020, the Super Media Bros joined a small group of other podcasts to create OddPods Media, a network that brings you the best indie podcasting content each day of the week.

As of January 2021, Richie and Devin have added Professional Wrestling content to their already expansive format, bringing their nostalgia-fueled energy to the forefront as well as insight, a vast knowledge, and a comedically informative perspective to the sport.